5 Ways to Stay Connected with Cloud Telephony

20 October 2015 - 20 min read

In today’s business world business owners are increasingly concerned with providing both their clients with a quick response when needed while also providing their employees with increased work-life balance. New technology such as services provided via the Cloud allow added flexibility so that employees can remain productive and responsive but allow them to enjoy time away from the office while at meetings, running errands or personal time without the anxiety and stress associated with worrying about the possibility of an important message waiting them at the office and lost revenue.

Bellow we give you 5 ways that a cloud based phone system can help you achieve this balance:

1. Voicemail to email:  This feature allows you to have messages left at your work phone available to you on your smartphone, tablet or laptop as an email attachment. Picture that you leave the office to attend a business meeting or event, and you are not returning to the office until the following day, which means that any voicemail messages would not be responded until the very next day. With voicemail to email, an important client can leave you a voicemail and the voicemail will follow you by arriving on your mobile device. Now you can quickly hear the message, click on the phone number to call the person back, or since the voicemail is now on email format, you can easily forward the email to another member of the team.

Don’t miss your son or daughter’s baseball game because you might miss that important phone call. Be there again!

2. Auto-Attendant: Most businesses like to provide a very personal service by trying to always be there to answer the phone, but we all know that we must wear many different hats and this is even more true in small businesses. When we can’t answer that phone call with a live person having a fully automated auto-attendant can be almost as good as live. With an auto-attendant a company can welcome the caller and guide them to the person they need to reach by asking the caller for basic information in terms of the department they want to reach or the extension of the party they want to reach. If the caller knows the name but not the extension, the auto-attendant can take them to a dial by name directory and forward the person to the right extension. The auto-attendant is available for when all staff members are on the phone, if they are at a meeting, or if everyone left for the day 24 hours a day. The system will get the call to the right person or team, take a voicemail message and deliver that voicemail message via email to the recipient. Another way that the GreenLink system helps you be productive and responsive no matter where you are and the time of day.

3. Shared Appearance: Don’t you sometimes wish you can be at multiple places at the same time? With a system that is hosted in the Cloud, you could have phones anywhere there is an Internet connection. Work at the office in the morning but from home in the afternoon and don’t miss a beat because you could have a phone at your desk in the office and another at your home office or at a satellite office location.

As businesses continue their efforts to provide employees with a flexible work environment, telecommuting has reached an all time high, the cloud business phone systems allows companies to provide those employees working remotely the entire “being in the office” experience.

4. Fax to Email: This feature is both a huge productivity booster as well as a savings factor. Traditional fax machines are tied to a physical location, and you must be physically present at the location in order to receive the faxes, and that fax machine needs paper, toners, etc. the power of a cloud phone system allow you to have all of your incoming faxes delivered to an email address, or a group of email addresses. This revolutionizes faxing, when your faxes are delivered via email they can be easily forwarded to the right party, or deleted if it’s something you actually don’t need instead of using paper and toner to print each and every fax that comes in. Since email follows you no matter where you are on your smart-phone device, you could be picking up your favorite latte, receiving an incoming fax, and forwarding it to a co-worker with instructions on what to do.

5. Always Ready Conference Bridge: Are you ever in a situation where you need to have a quick meeting with the team but everyone is scattered in multiple locations, maybe you have a vendor that needs to be part of the meeting. Our plans include an always on and ready to go conference bridge,  ideal for those quick on the spot meetings. You can quickly reach out to the team members and say, can we quickly jump on the conference bridge to discuss this subject. One of many awesome features of the GreenLink System.

Now Imagine these wonderful and amazing benefits while lowering your costs!

GreenLink networks is a provider of modern telecommunications solutions that empower it’s clients with the tools to be effective both at the office, and when away from the office (business or personal). These and more features are included an there to help you improve your work-life balance.

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