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01 December 2022 - 28 min read



Faxing online services by GreenLink Networks


GreenLink is proud to offer the most powerful and secure Fax Solutions, which enables you to configure your faxes, your way, to best meet your needs.

Is an easy way to fax and get work done from anywhere, with flexible options to accommodate the modern workforce.

First, let's talk about our Free Incoming Fax. It offers unlimited incoming fax to email included with every account. You can receive faxes via email, from any device, and also receive and keep track of company faxes via our Portal 24/7.


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In GreenLink, we have our Paperless Outbound Solution where you can actually send a fax with a cover page. And the great thing about it is that every single user has access to the fax. The way we looked at it was, we saw that a lot of the other providers will charge per user for faxing, and we said, "Well, when you buy a fax machine with a single line, everybody just walks up to the fax machine and uses it." So we wanted to provide something similar.

The Paperless Fax Solution is just one more way that makes faxing faster, easier, and more productive.


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We also have our Hybrid Fax Solution, and what we found there was that even though Paperless is great for both incoming and outgoing, sometimes people do want to walk up to the fax machine and fax out, or have the fax printed on a device like a printer or fax machine.

Our Hybrid Fax Solution basically combines the best of both worlds! You have the flexibility of being able to do paperless faxing, incoming to email, to the portal, and outbound. You can actually send either from the portal or from a fax machine using our hybrid fax ATA device.

We're very excited about that product for all the customers that have been wanting to use the technology that we have, both from the portal and from fax.


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Want to know more? Head out to our blog post The End Of Analog Lines: Are Analog Lines Going Away? where you can learn what’s really going on with traditional analog lines, and also some recommendations on how Fax Solutions can accommodate your business transition. Times are changing, and analog lines are going away, but there is still time to make a change and stay afloat no matter what happens next.




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