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04 October 2022 - 18 min read


What happens to my Cloud Phone System if my internet drops?


Businesses with a Cloud Phone System Solution need a reliable internet connection to use physical VoIP phones at the office. However, the brain of the phone system exists at a remote location, and it lives in a data center with multiple layers of redundancy, popularly known as "the cloud."

So if there is an issue with the internet service or power at your office, the Cloud Phone System will continue to be available.

What options are available with a Cloud Phone System if the physical phones are down due to no internet or power?

  1. Call Routing: Most VoIP providers have a portal where end-users can adjust to call routing. This might mean forwarding a number to a cell phone, routing calls to another office, or setting up a temporary message.
  2. Use the mobile app (Softphone): Users can use a softphone either on their mobile device or desktop from another internet connection. In this type of situation, the quickest solution is the softphone on the mobile device since the end-user can take advantage of their 4Gor 5G data connection on the mobile phone.
  3. Calls continue to be answered by the system: Because the phone system is in the cloud, callers will hear the auto-attendant messages, be transferred to the right teams or individuals, and when leaving a voicemail, users can receive those voicemails as an email attachment.

So while a VoIP phone system relies on the internet for physical phones to work, it provides those additional business continuity options that allow businesses to keep the communication going even in the event of a local internet or power failure.


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