Fax to Email – Included with all GreenLink Plans.

08 December 2015 - 4 min read

With Fax to Email we either use your existing number or assign a new one and deliver all of your incoming faxes to an email address of your choice. Faxes will be attached to the email in PDF format.

Fax to Email allows for added mobility as most of our users continue to receive faxes on the go and enjoy the flexibility of email. By having the fax delivered via email, the email containing the fax can be quickly forwarded to anyone with an email address.

At Greenlink we are very concerned about the environment, Fax to Email also allows our users to be green and help the environment by choosing the faxes that need to be printed as well as virtually eliminate their paper and toner costs for their fax machine (for those that choose to have one).

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