What if you are not ready to retire your Phone System?

15 September 2022 - 22 min read


Is your Organization Ready for a Cloud Phone System or can I use VoIP without moving my entire phone system to the Cloud? 


The world is moving away from analog lines! If you're using a cable at home and have a home phone line, the chances are that line is already coming off of that router, which means that it's coming through Voice over IP! But many businesses still have a traditional phone line for the phone system.
There are situations when it makes sense to either extend the life of the in-house phone system or have your own hosted phone system with VoIP lines, also called SIP Trunks. It could be because they might be early on that life cycle, and they say, "Hey, the system has a couple of years to go, has everything that I need, but what can I do to reduce cost?".

SIP trunking provides dial tone to an existing phone system and can provide benefits like:

  • Lowering per-line costs
  • Redundancy
  • It makes moving to a new location a breeze
  • Unlimited calling
  • Adding more call capacity in an instant
  • It makes complete cloud migration easier in the future

With SIP Trunks, businesses can take advantage of VoIP technology just in the dial tone, keeping their traditional in-house phone system or having their own dedicated virtual phone system to reduce cost and increase scalability and redundancy.

A phone line will cost anywhere between 35 and 60 dollars minimum per line. A service like GreenLink SIP trunks will reduce costs to as low as 12.50 dollars per line. So that's substantial savings when you consider that it includes unlimited long-distance and unlimited calling.

Businesses need to keep in mind that, unlike a complete Cloud Phone System solution that includes the phone system, phone lines, long-distance, technical support, and system maintenance. The SIP trunk service includes only the dial tone, and businesses will continue to maintain and support their existing systems. Customers moving to SIP trunking should keep in mind that because SIP Trunking only provides lines, they will still be responsible for support.



Does the cloud phone system provider meet your compliance requirements? Does the cloud phone system provider have experience with your industry? Can they demonstrate their ability to meet today’s requirements? Get firm answers to these questions before choosing a cloud phone system. Please visit our Cloud Phone System page for more information on this service. 





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