Six ways VoIP benefits start-ups

20 March 2018 - 12 min read

Launching a start-up means facing a lot of challenges right out of the gate. Budgets are limited, rapid expansion is both hoped for and feared, and everything hinges on the ability to adapt to quickly changing needs and circumstances.

Communication is key, as is the case in nearly all areas of business, and VoIP for start-ups can present the perfect blend of low entry cost and easy scalability to make your start-up a success.


The initial cost for setting up a VoIP system can be surprisingly low. When getting a system in place requires no on-premise wiring or expensive installation fees, and your equipment can be rented as part of a low monthly package fee, getting started with VoIP makes perfect sense.


With VoIP, you can work out of a garage, a shared workspace, a car, or a coffee-shop. This can be a tremendous advantage for startups that need phone lines up and running before a final office space is determined – and after your business is stable, VoIP can move readily with you from location to location as you expand.


Maybe you only need a couple of phone lines at first – but as your company grows, additional lines may become a necessity. Don’t worry – VoIP has you covered, with the ability to take you from 5 lines to 50 almost overnight if necessary, and the flexibility to hook in additional locations on demand.


Need to have your voice calling, messaging, and conference calling, seamlessly merged for real time communications across various channels? VoIP was designed specifically for a mobile workforce, meaning every employee you have can reach every other employee anytime, anywhere – regardless of what device they are using or location, they are at.


With a VoIP system, time normally spent trying to track down a co-worker or check in with a boss can be redirected into high value efforts, meaning productivity increases along with your bottom line.


Choose VoIP
Selecting VoIP as your telephony option makes perfect sense, whether your company is expected to stay at Mom and Pop local level or is fated to grow into an enterprise-level business with employees and locations across the globe. GreenLink offers multiple options for startups seeking the best communications systems for today and tomorrow.

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