Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

07 January 2022 - 21 min read


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Small and Mid-sized Businesses


From analyzing VoIP system's features and benefits to choosing a desk phone, finding the right phone system for your particular business needs it's crucial.

Perhaps you’ve done some research already and found a substantial amount of information.

We created this article to help business owners like you to sort through the VoIP solutions and services, get all the answers to your questions, and feel confident about switching to VoIP solutions.


Which Benefits do Small/Medium Businesses get from VoIP Services?

  • One of the big benefits of VoIP technology is that it incorporates other technologies that you are not used to seeing as part of a phone system. For example, a traditional phone system cannot email you a voicemail. So voicemail to email is something that comes built-in! Is out of the box with a Cloud Phone System!
  • Another one is being able to incorporate MMS, or SMS, text messages with pictures, fax to email, something elsewhere you don't have to walk up to the fax machine. Now, in this remote workforce, everybody's scattered. So if faxes are traveling by email as an attachment, it's very easy to share fax between locations, or between users that are in different locations.
  • Lower cost of ownership - One of the greatest benefits is the fact that when looking at the cost of purchasing and maintaining a phone system, phone lines, long-distance, support, and maintenance; moving to a subscription model lowers the overall cost of ownership by up to 50%. 




Those are some of the technologies that you are able to incorporate, where the cloud phone system now becomes more of a telecommunications platform. Please visit our Cloud Phone System page for more information on this service. 






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