Why Should I Setup an Auto Attendant?

02 December 2015 - 8 min read

Before we begin, let’s start by defining Auto Attendant is a term used to describe a voice menu that enables callers to follow a set of instructions and navigate through the system without having to go through a phone operator or receptionist. Having an Auto Attendant to welcome your callers when staff can’t is like having a virtual receptionist (another catchy term used in the industry to refer to the auto attendant.

Let’s be honest, a lot of the features offer by most phone systems are mainly for the benefit of the internal users of the system, the Auto Attendant is one of those features that not only is focused and made for the person calling, but it sets the tone and impression that the caller gets when calling the company. Besides being welcomed by a live person, the Auto Attendant is THE system feature that will give make the company look bigger and more professional.

Let’s follow along in a typical Auto Attendant recording, and let’s explore what these options mean:

The auto attendant is a central feature of any professional phone system, it allows the system to welcome your callers on your behalf, empower the caller to reach the desired extension, find people by name, call a specific department and be welcomed by a voicemail mailbox if the person is unavailable. If the system has voicemail to email capabilities that voicemail will reach the recipient on their mobile device.

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