Why VoIP? The New Age of Communications for Business

20 March 2018 - 12 min read

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service has come a long way over the past decade, and there are many reasons why small and large businesses should be (and are) making the switch from traditional phone service.

Partners for VoIP services are fully aware of the advantages VoIP can bring to their own company, but may have difficulty expressing those reasons to a wide range of business owners across different verticals. However, the reasons VoIP is a good idea transcend industry divisions and business sizes.


Approximately 31 percent of all businesses already use VoIP systems to take advantage of productivity-boosting and cost-saving features, and to gain a competitive edge over businesses that stay on traditional telephony systems. Here are 3 areas in which VoIP continues to shine, and why this new age of telecom is a perfect avenue for 2018 business growth plans.


VoIP Cost Savings
Businesses that make the switch to VoIP see average savings of between 50 percent and 75 percent over traditional telecom. Small businesses typically lower their cost for local calls alone by up to 40%, and their teleconference costs by up to 30%. A study by PC World revealed that a company with 30 phone users could save up to $1200 per month by switching to VoIP.


VoIP Productivity Benefits
Unified communications (UC) can save employees nearly an hour a day by funneling all modes of communication into one easy to manage system. A company with 10 employees could save close to 2,500 hours per year, and almost $10,000 in productivity. Companies that invest in VoIP for the remote working opportunities it affords their workers typically see a 20% rise in productivity over the first year, with 37% of US workers claiming to work from home at least part time.


VoIP is the Future
The VoIP services market is expected to grow to $140 billion USD by the year 2021. By the end of the year 2018, experts predict only 6% of the US population will still have a landline, and VoIP users in the US will outpace 1 billion. Traditional phone companies have been steadily losing an average of 700,000 landline customers per month, and 70 percent of companies indicated they have made the switch to VoIP or have plans to do so over the next year.

Encouraging small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses to make the switch to VoIP hinges on convincing them of three things – that VoIP can deliver cost savings, that it is reliable, and that it is easy. With 31% of employees being resistant to change, giving them easy to understand and use options like VoIP from GreenLink is the key to moving into the future.

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